On Site Activities:

  • Hike to Lookout Rock, 250 feet above sea level and see F O R E V E R (well, nearly). On a clear day you can see past the Camden Hills (22 miles across East Penobscot Bay) as far as Thomaston.

  • Search for "heart-shaped" rocks on the beach.

  • Bring your own Kayak or Rent one from The Activity Shop (they deliver right to our Herricks Landing for you).

  • At low tide, lift up the seaweed and find tiny crabs hiding there.

  • Smell the roses, the salt sea air and the scent of the pine forest.

  • Hear a loon calling to its mate. Hang out with the butterflies.

  • Catch a falling star! There are millions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy over head. Which one do you want? Are some of those stars really fireflies?

  • Catch up on your reading. Or, nah, don't read. Make a daisy necklace.

  • Let your creativity flow within.

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